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Spain (Eyewitness Travel Guides March 2006)

720 pages. The previous edition was possibly the best single country guide in the Eyewitness series, and this one is a worthy revision. I loved this book. But then, I love Spain and used to have a cortijo in Las Alpujarras!

An American reviewer wrote: "This is the best travel guide I have ever used for any country. The photos are spectacular and comprehensive beyond any expectation. Clearly tabbed by region and covering towns and villages covered sparsely if at all by other guides, this guide also allows the reader to learn basics of history, architecture, art, food, wine, and adventure with cross-references to the tutorials as you tour the country."

Seville & Andalusia (Eyewitness Travel Guides Sep 2003)

My favourite part of Spain! Highlights include: Seville, Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaen, Cadiz, Malaga, Granada, and Almeria (where incidentally, they filmed Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns).

This book gives you a lot more detail than the country guide, and if I was simply travelling in the south I'd go with this one. But to be honest, there's quite a bit of detail in the main guide so I wouldn't buy both.

Barcelona & Catalonia (Eyewitness Travel Guides) March 2006

The main weight of this book is of course on Barcelona, and yes, the illustrations of Gaudi's Sacra Familia are amazing. This book runs to 208pp, the Top Ten (below) is 160pp, so there's not a huge difference, especially as the Catalonia section here is a bit thin.

As the Barcelona section in the Spain country guide is quite good, I'd have to be spending quite a bit of time here to make this worthwhile. Compare it with the Top Ten for a shorter stay (but that's older).

Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides: Barcelona (July 2002)

Follows the usual Top Ten pattern, and I'd recommend this over the city guide above except that it's getting a lot older now. Nevertheless, it's conveniently smaller and most of the material is not too dated.

Again, if you're only spending a day or two here, the country guide is quite sufficient.

Madrid (Eyewitness Travel Guides) Jan 2007

This revised edition was published in January 2007, 232 pp, and is a classic Eyewitness city guide that is packed with a huge range of material. If you're staying a while in Madrid, this guide is unmatched for its great visual detail.

On the other hand, the country guide has quite a bit on Madrid, so again if you're only here for a couple of days, go with the more general book.

Madrid (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides Feb 2003)

Useful, but the same comment as regards time you're going to spend in the city applies. This is more convenient to carry, though.

"Featuring the best that Madrid has to offer, the guide is divided into six easily manageable areas, and includes a list of major attractions just outside the city. Top 10 lists include: the best museums, restaurants, hotels, as well as the best areas to shop, walk, and where to find the most entertaining places for children. "

Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides May 2003)

I have a confession: I've never been to Mallorca (Majorca) but a friend who has a house there says this Top Ten book is really worthwhile if you're taking an island break. It certainly looks inviting from the photos, but if you buy this and it's all a myth I absolve myself from all responsibility (but I will give you my friend's name and address...)

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Here is a link to a general Spain Book List

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